“…At one time, Max Graf (Sigmund Freud’s friend) expressed doubt concerning the wisdom of raising his infant son as a Jew, for the child had been born in the midst of an anti-Semitic ferment whipped up by the Viennese demagogue. Freud said to him: “If you do not let your son grow up as a Jew, you will deprive him of those sources of energy which cannot be replaced by anything else. He will have to struggle as a Jew and you ought to develop in him all the energy he will need for the struggle. Do not deprive him of that advantage.” 

— Judaism in Sigmund Freud’s world, page 83, Earl A. Grollman

At Beth Israel we…

  • believe that Jewish education is an advantage we cannot miss.
  • are committed to educate children and adults as well.
  • are committed to provide the unique experience of Jewish education.
  • are committed not only to form or to inform but to transform.

Please check all the different education opportunities you can find at Beth Israel and contact us, should you need additional information.

Hebrew School for Bar/Bat Mitzvah preparation begins in third grade and meets twice weekly from September through May. Our approach goes far beyond acquiring basic Hebrew skills, as tradition, practice and custom are woven throughout the curriculum. Junior Congregation Services, field trips, tallit making and outings are all part of the school’s methodology. Beginning Hebrew School classes are available for children in Kindergarten, First and Second grades.

Jewish Community Religious School – JCRS is a joint religious school comprised of students and faculty from both Beth Israel Synagogue and Temple Emanuel. The curriculum focuses on learning about Jewish Holidays, Torah stories, Patriarchs/Matriarchs, and an introduction to the Hebrew Aleph-Bet. Jr. and Sr. Academy students focus on topical issues, Jewish History and Current Events.