Summer is a time for numerous children’s activities. 

Chai Time is a two-week day camp experience and Jewish enrichment program for children ages 4 – 9. These weeks are a time to affirm Jewish identity through bible stories, art, cooking, music, drama and high-spirited good fun.  Each session focuses on a special theme.  Everyday there is an excursion.  These activities include swimming, movies, beading, painting pottery, bowling and more.  Each day begins with a short prayer service. 

Beth Israel On Wheels is a one-week road trip to various cities for ages 11 through 18. A deluxe bus is chartered for the journey and hospitality is provided at the homes of Jewish teenagers.  At each destination participants explore the sites of the area.  Each day includes a prayer service and short study session.  Kashrut is observed throughout the trip.  To date the trip has visited New York City, Philadelphia, Boston, Washington DC, Norfolk and Virginia Beach, Los Angeles, Toronto, Niagara Falls, Cleveland, Orlando, Atlanta and Pittsburgh. 


All aboard the Beth Israel on Wheels bus for Orlando , FL and Universal Studios. What can we say about the trip? It was wonderful and it was HOT!! That did not deter our enjoyment. 

Universal Studios is filled with amazing sights and rides. The highlight, of course, was the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Those of us who were Harry Potter fans were in seventh heaven. It was everything we dreamed of and more. 

Some have asked what is Jewish about a trip like this. There are many Jewish rituals that turn ordinary activities into Jewish ones. We began each day with prayer, we followed the laws of kashrut throughout the trip, we said blessings over thunder, lightning and rainbows, and we studied daily. 

Each topic was connected to a ride at Universal. Topics included the wizarding world of the Torah (what is our tradition’s beliefs?), Men in Black (world of Hasidic Judaism), what would Dudley Do-Right Do (Jewish values), is Butter Beer (a favorite non-alcoholic drink at Hogwarts) kosher (a discussion of kashrut), and the Incredible Golem (a discussion of this Jewish legend). — It just proves the point that whatever you do, there is always a Jewish connection. 

What an amazing trip!

BIS Youth – Summer Activities – Universal Studios