The purpose of words of prayer, tefillah, is toward recognition of the truth – not an emotional, fleeting devotion, a momentary ecstasy, a flood of tears, but a cleansing of the thoughts and of the heart. Life robs us of accurate discernment of God, the world, mankind and Yisrael, and of our own relationship to them.  By transcending life, ascending toward God, we can retrieve this discernment in tefillah.” — The nineteen letters, Rabbi Samson R. Hirsh (Letter 14th)

Shabbat at Beth Israel is an incredible experience. We welcome Shabbat with happiness, singing the special melodies of Kabbalat Shabbat and celebrating together the incredible experience of a spiritual environment in our Synagogue.

On Shacharit (Saturday morning) our traditional service includes parts in Hebrew and in English as well. Every person who is called to the Torah, receives a blessing from the rabbi and we share a beautiful time of songs and prayers.

Our services conclude with an Oneg Shabbat lunch and warm conversation.

Shabbat Shalom!!!